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  • "I wanted to thank Dr. Evan C. Merrill and his very friendly staff for everything they have done to assist me with reaching my fitness goals over the past few years. I started an intense exercise regimen at Southern Oregon Adventure Boot Camp for women in 2008, which then encouraged me to start running. I ran my first marathon in Portland in 2010 and was hooked. I then ran again in Eugene, Oregon, in which I qualified for the Boston Marathon with a time of 3 hours, 38 minutes. My running partner wanted to qualify for Boston and after little rest from Eugene, I trained hard for San Francisco which was only two months later. With the short time frame between the Eugene and San Francisco marathons and the back to back long runs, I developed plantar fasciitis, which gave me extreme pain in the heel and arch of my left foot. On a short 14 mile training run before the San Francisco marathon I could barely walk and had to take a cab to a nearby restaurant. I knew I could not decline from running the Boston Marathon as I knew I may never qualify again in my life. I contacted Dr. Merrill’s office to see what they could do for plantar fasciitis. At my appointment my feet were fitted with a mold to make orthotics for my running shoes. After using the orthotics for less than a week the pain in my left heel completely disappeared. I was so relieved and knew that I COULD run the Boston Marathon. I just finished the Boston Marathon on April 16thand had no pain the entire race. I have always been one to go to the doctor to continue my fitness goals, not to have an excuse to stop, and Dr. Merrill and his staff played a large part of my continued ability to succeed and reach my goals."