Diabetes impacts the lives of more than 37 million Americans, according to the American Diabetes Association. The condition can be responsible for many problems throughout the body, and some of these areas need special attention. One of them is your feet.

Diabetic foot care does more than help you feel better on your feet. It improves blood flow, helps heal foot ulcers, and prevents dire situations that can call for amputation.

You Face Serious Risks by Not Seeking Diabetic Foot Care

By having a solid understanding of the types of risks you face with diabetes, you can act to stop damage to your lower extremities before it turns into a serious problem.

Some of the most common foot-related consequences of diabetes include:

  • Ulcers. Any kind of open wound is uniquely dangerous to a patient with diabetes. These injuries do not heal as quickly on diabetic feet as they do on healthy feet, increasing the risk of infection.
  • Charcot foot. Diabetic patients can also have uniquely brittle bones. This increases the chances of fractures and degeneration over time. Your foot might change shape, making it difficult to walk or move normally. This is called Charcot foot.
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). This condition is characterized by poor blood circulation. When your feet are injured, it becomes harder for blood to reach your feet and bring what your cells need to conduct repairs.
  • Neuropathy. Damage to nerve endings in your feet can cause a burning, tingling, numb sensation. This makes regular activities, such as walking, standing, or moving, more difficult. It also makes it hard to know if you have a foot injury, such as an ulcer or other kind of trauma.

Types of Diabetic Foot Care

We have some of the most advanced diabetic foot care options available at Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle. Some of the unique types of diabetic foot care treatments we offer include:

  • Wound care. Many wound care products and treatments can aid in healing complex wounds, helping to maintain mobility and reduce infection risks.
  • Diabetic shoes. As one of the only local podiatry offices that offer professional footwear expertise in diabetic shoes, we ensure that you are fitted properly to avoid unnecessary damage to your feet with our dedicated Diabetic Shoe Specialist, Tracie. Our brands include Anodyne, Dr. Comfort, and Dia-foot.
  • Preventing injury. For a diabetic foot, all precautions should be taken. Even something like a plantar wart shouldn't be taken lightly. Avoiding warts, blisters, ingrown toenails, and other injury-causing problems from forming can help you avoid other foot conditions and prevent infection.  

All too often, those with diabetes are ashamed of their disease. They deliberately avoid seeking medical care, even though that expands risks to their health.

At Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle, we are compassionate and nonjudgmental toward our patients. We welcome your visits and are eager to show you ways to reduce your risks and increase your comfort.

Diabetic Foot Care in Medford

If you have diabetes, talk to a podiatrist at our Southern Oregon podiatry office today. The sooner you begin treatment, the greater the hope for a successful intervention to relieve your pain and worries. Call (541) 776-3338 or complete our contact form to get started.