When surgery is the only option, you want the best treatment possible. Browse our recent testimonials to hear what our patients are saying about our surgical procedures, their experiences in our office, and their recovery from a painful foot and ankle condition.

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  • "My feet are the beginning and end point to daily living, dancing, hiking, everything. I inherited bunions and have had plantar fasciitis, making everything I enjoy increasingly difficult. Thinking about surgery and down time was a struggle for the last 3 years, until I couldn’t do anything for more than 30 minutes. Southern Oregon Foot and Ankle staff worked with me, my insurance, my concerns until I was ready. I am so grateful. I highly recommend the warm, welcoming, reassuring front office staff who have made everything just easy. I highly recommend Dr. Evan Merrill and his back office staff who have taken my fears, questions, and turned everything into a solution. The best solution for me and I am still excited about that."