runningRunning isn’t just an activity. For many it’s a passion. That’s why it can be so frustrating when running and heel pain begin to butt heads.

Whether you enjoy taking on the Pear Blossom Run each year, have your eyes set on races further afield, or simply enjoy running for the fun of it, heel pain or other foot and ankle maladies can make your goals seem many more miles away than they really are.

There’s good news in all of this, however: between running and heel pain, it’s easy to choose which one should be removed from your life—and we are more than prepared to help you do so!

We Know Running

Our Medford podiatrists understand the needs of runners. Dr. Evan Merrill is a runner himself. He even wrote the book on Running with Healthy Feet!

(Well, to be modest, he wrote a book called “Running with Healthy Feet,” but it’s very useful and yours for free if you would like your own copy!)

There are many reasons a runner could have heel pain. Some can derive from problems with technique, training, and overuse. Others might arise more due to abnormalities in foot shape or gait, or even having running shoes that don’t properly support the feet and ankles in the ways a patient needs.

Whether the source of your heel pain can be traced to a specific issue or is a mix of factors, most cases can be successfully treated or managed via conservative methods.

This might involve making some changes to your workout routine, changes to footwear, or the use of custom orthotic inserts. In some cases, when we want to help ensure faster recovery and pain relief, we may turn to our advanced MLS laser therapy, trusted by many sports professionals.

Only very rarely is surgery ever needed, so do not use that as a concern to not get the help you need. You are more likely to do more harm to yourself trying to push through the pain while running than you would be likely to need surgery!

Help for Runners of All Levels

Even better than getting the help you need for a foot or ankle running injury is not having to suffer it in the first place. Whether you are just starting out as a runner or have a number of races under your belt, there are always ways to reduce your risk of pain.

We love to help runners of all experience levels enjoy what they do and pursue their goals in as effective and safe manners as possible. And if problems do arise, we are here to provide the care necessary to get you back on track with as little risk as possible of future injuries.

Contact Us Today!

If you are a runner in the Medford area in need of a podiatrist, we hope you consider us first. Schedule an appointment at Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle with Dr. Merrill or Dr. Amanda Kamery by calling (541) 776-3338, or fill out our online contact form.