Staying physically active is very important—for weight management, cardiovascular fitness, and many other health benefits. There is a risk of injury though, particularly in a sport such as running. Taking training too far, too quickly, wearing a poor-fitting pair of shoes, or landing on an uneven surface can lead to a number of foot or ankle injuries.

The term R.I.C.E. is an acronym used to describe the treatment you should take immediately after an injury. With an ankle sprain for example you would start with “R” which stands for rest—taking weight off your foot to remove pressure and further strain. Second, “I” stands for icing your ankle to alleviate pain and swelling. Third, the “C” stands for compression, which means wearing a bandage or compression sock to also help with inflammation. Last, the “E” is for elevation—keeping your ankle elevated above your heart will also help reduce swelling and pain.

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