Yes, high heels can be bad for your feet and can lead to many different foot problems. High heels can cause what’s often called a “pump bump,” which is a painful bump on the heel caused by the rigid shoe material rubbing up against your heel. This can cause blisters and painful swelling.

High heels also force your feet into an unnatural position that puts stress on the balls of the feet. This causes the bones and nerves surrounding that area to become inflamed and painful. Chronic pressure can also lead to hairline fractures in the balls of your feet. You also have to be careful while wearing high heels because you are less balanced and can easily lose your footing and twist or sprain your ankle.

Wearing high heels occasionally is not bad. However, you should limit how often you wear them. If you love heels but still want to care for your feet, try a lower heel or shoes with chunkier heels, which will help you maintain balance.

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