Hammertoe (and the related claw or mallet toe condition) is a toe deformity that develops in response to muscular imbalances in the toe. There are various potential causes of these conditions, but they are all progressive in nature, which means they will worsen over time when left untreated.

Hammertoe treatment depends on the degree to which the affected toe is still flexible. In cases that are caught early, where the toe is flexible, treatment may be centered on a change in footwear or the use of pads or orthotic devices. Various foot exercises, like crumpling a towel or picking up marbles with your toes, may provide some benefit.

When conservative care methods do not provide the desired results, we may recommend a surgical procedure to release a tendon responsible for preventing the toe from lying flat. Depending on the case, we may straighten the toe by removing a piece of bone.

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