Yes! Incorporating some simple stretches into your day can help reduce heel pain from plantar fasciitis. In addition to stretches during the day, stretches performed first thing in the morning can help lessen that initial jolt of pain that occurs when your feet hit the floor out of bed.

Here is one example of a morning stretch. It requires a rolled-up towel, belt, or resistance band to use as a strap.

  1. Sit up in bed with your legs extended in front of you, and knees as straight as you can comfortably make them.
  2. Take the strap and place it around one foot, just under the toes.
  3. Grab the ends of the strap with both Starting with your hands above your knees, gently pull back on the towel to flex the upper part of your foot back toward you.
  4. Hold this position for 15-30 seconds and repeat 2-3 times with each foot.

Stretches such as these can help gently “warm-up” a tight plantar fascia, making it more flexible (and less painful) when you do start to walk. It can also be helpful to stretch throughout the day, especially if you spend long periods of time sitting or otherwise being still.

Stretches are usually only one part of an overall treatment plan for plantar fasciitis, however. We can help you not only determine the best stretches and exercises (if applicable), but also provide other forms of treatment that can have a huge impact on your comfort and quality of life. Schedule an appointment with us to take the first step.