There are a variety of causes of heel pain—plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Sever’s disease—but orthotics are an effective nonsurgical treatment for such conditions. Orthotics are custom made inserts intended to treat an array of conditions. Unlike the mass-produced inserts bought in retail stores, these inserts are based on a patient’s unique foot structure and created by highly-skilled professionals.

When you come to our office with pain in your heel, we will first diagnose the condition and then consider the available treatment options. In addition to customized medical devices, other conservative treatment methods include rest, activity modification, ice, and even over-the-counter pain relievers. What is important is that you start by making an appointment to see a trained professional, like the ones you find at Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle, L.L.C.

Whether you would benefit from a pair of orthotics or from another form of treatment, you can be assured you will receive the care you need at our practice. We will provide an accurate diagnosis and develop a treatment plan that takes away your pain and discomfort. Schedule an appointment at our Medford, OR office by calling (541) 776-3338 or using our online form today.