Sesamoiditis, the inflammation of the tendons surrounding the sesamoid bones, is commonly associated with pain beneath the big toe, swelling of the area, and difficulty or pain when moving the big toe. Many patients often wonder if it’s possible for them to continue rigorous exercise, like running, with this foot condition.

As the sesamoids act as pulleys for the majority of movement within the foot, any recurring motion or pressure to the feet tends to impact them negatively. Running, as well as any other high-impact activities, should be avoided until the sesamoiditis has been eliminated. In place of these activities, many patients often choose to take up cycling or swimming as it allows for the feet to recover more easily.

This foot condition can often be remedied by rest, icing, and the use of orthotics. In some extreme cases, the sesamoids can be removed to eliminate pain, but this is an irreversible surgery that can lead to other biomechanical issues.

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