Perhaps the greatest benefit of Lapiplasty compared to more traditional surgical procedures for bunions (e.g. a Lapidus procedure) is the marked reduction in recovery time for the patient.

Whereas a Lapidus procedure can require 4-6 months for a complete recovery (full healing, no pain or swelling, and ability to return to high-intensity activities), patients of Lapiplasty can get back to high-intensity activities in about 3 months on average. Additionally, the milestones between surgery and full recovery are hit much faster on average, as well. Patients who undergo Lapiplasty can typically bear weight on the targeted foot within just a few days, while more traditional procedures may take several weeks. Removal of a surgical shoe is also often completed within 6 weeks, instead of 3-4 months with other procedures.

Please note that all of these estimates are based on averages. Your individual case may vary depending on the severity of your bunion and other factors. We will be more than happy to discuss what you could expect from Lapiplasty and other procedures when it comes to recovery and other questions you may have.