Most cases of flat feet occur without complications or symptoms. Patients may even go their entire lifespan without ever realizing they have this condition. However, some people may develop pain in the arches or heels as improper distribution of forces during activity can increase pressure on these areas. Individuals can often experience swelling in the feet from this condition. The associated discomfort that comes with this breakdown in biomechanics can be further exaggerated by aging, arthritis, obesity, or injury to the foot. To treat the aches and pains of flat feet, our office may recommend treatments like the use of orthotics or special shoes and proper stretching techniques.

While most instances of this condition are pain-free, flat feet can often develop into more serious conditions over time. In order to determine the best treatment and prevention methods for your unique case, contact our Medford office at (541) 776-3338 or request an appointment online.