Spring is in the air here in Medford, and our podiatrists are here to help you shift from rain boots to sandals with a safe and pretty spring pedicure. Of course, you could always head to the local nail salon and ask your pedicurist for help choosing the prettiest spring nail colors. But when you go to a spa instead of taking charge of your own nail care, you immediately increase your risk for complications such as infections, foot fungus, or even ingrown toenails. 

Looking for a safer option that still lets you show off your feet in style and comfort? Just keep reading as Dr. Evan Merrill and Dr. Devin Dimond share their top tips for getting a gorgeous and safe spring pedicure, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Before the Clipping: Turn Your Home into the Cleanest Nail Salon Spring nail polish colors for a safe spring pedicure

One of the biggest safety concerns when it comes to getting a spa pedicure is the lack of cleanliness at even the most upscale salon. You see, when many customers share the same soaking tubs, preventing the spread of infections from one person to the next can be a challenge. Plus, on too many occasions, over excited nail technicians will roughly file your feet, leaving you open to abrasions; trim your nails too low, increasing your risk for ingrown toenails; or remove your cuticles and increase your risk for infections. 

Of course, at home, your risk for picking up an infection from a stranger is far lower. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. So, before you get started on your spring pedicure, be sure to clean and prep the space where you’ll be working, wiping down all surfaces with soap and warm water, or covering them with fresh, clean towels for protection. 

The Easy, 5-Step Guide to Getting a Great Spring Pedicure at Home

Once your home spa is cleaned, prepped and ready to go, it’s time to get started on that perfect spring pedicure. To begin with, make sure to remove any polish that’s still in place from previous pedicures. But you should avoid using drugstore nail polish removers that are packed with acetone and designed to strip polish from your nails, along with many of the natural protections your nail needs to stay strong and healthy. For an effective product that won’t cause nail damage, we recommend working with the Dr.’s Remedy nail polish remover. 

Once your nails are clear and polish-free, it’s time to give your feet a cleansing and pampering soak. But you have to do so safely and in a clean and sterile environment. So, before you soak your feet, clean your bath tub or foot spa with soap and warm water. Then, give the basin a rinse and fill it with warm—not hot—water. Add some soap, or some Epsom salts for added soothing, and stick your feet in the water for 15 minutes, allowing your nails to soften and your skin to be cleansed of sweat, dirt and bacteria. 

After your feet are out of the water, dry them carefully, making sure to work in between your toes as well to avoid leaving moisture behind in those hard-to-dry areas. (That could increase your risk for fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.) Now you’re ready to trim or file your nails, working in a straight line, and never following the curve of the nail bed in order to reduce your risk for ingrown toenails. Also, avoid trimming too close to the skin of your nail bed. To stay safe, make sure some white nail is still visible when you put down the scissors or the nail file. 

At this point, you can take a minute to moisturize your feet and cuticles, gently pushing them down without trimming or removing them. Now, apply a base coat of polish  to your nails, to protect your toenail from the polish and to make sure your spring pedicure lasts longer without chipping! 
Got all the basics down? Now let’s get to the fun part: exploring trendy spring nail polishes to make your at-home pedicure complete! 

Trending Spring Nail Polishes for 2024: Pick Your Perfect Shade

Trending spring nail polishes for 2024 range in hue from subtle neutrals to vibrant, rainbow-hued shades that scream out seasonal fun! What are some of the most in-demand polish colors for this season? The top nail salons are lighting up with fiery reds and sunny yellows; soothing mint greens and delightful baby blues. Or, for those who prefer a more traditional spring pedicure, shades of pale pink, lavender and beige are all on trend this spring season. 

Want to get the look of a professional pedicure without the damage caused by mainstream spring nail polishes like those created by Essie, OPI and other spa favorites? Never fear: just stick with the Dr.’s Remedy brand—their trendy spring nail polishes are crafted from vegan formulations that strengthen your nails instead of stripping away their natural protections. 

Found your perfect shade? Apply that pretty spring nail polish and give your nails about 20 minutes to dry before covering them up again with socks or shoes. Or, if you’re in a hurry, you can grab a blow dryer on its lowest setting and gently dry your nails. (But avoid this step if you have diabetes, since even a cool breeze from your hair dryer could increase your risk for a foot injury, especially if you have reduced foot sensation due to neuropathy.)

Complete Foot and Nail Care in Medford, Oregon

If you follow our simple, five step spring pedicure procedure, you’ll walk away with gorgeous feet and nails…unless, of course, you’re dealing with underlying conditions like fungal toenail infections, itchy athlete’s foot or painful ingrown toenails. 

Want to make sure that your trendy spring nail polish is the only thing that your friends and family comment on when you show off your feet in your favorite spring sandals? Then don’t wait another day to care of your feet and nails. Just call our Medford, Oregon podiatry practice or click here to request an immediate appointment. 


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