If heel pain or nerve pain kept you sidelined all winter long, you can start to get yourself spring ready with laser therapy for feet in our Medford, OR podiatry practice. In our office, we provide MLS Laser therapy treatment to relieve a wide variety of painful conditions. So, if you’re hoping to enjoy the season in comfort, keep reading to find out how we can help. 

What is MLS Laser Therapy? Laser therapy for spring feet

The MLS laser in our office is a multi-wave locked system that offers an advanced form of treatment to our patients in Medford, Southern Oregon and Northern California. When you choose MLS laser therapy for feet, the specifically attuned, multiple wavelengths of light that it emits stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal itself. 

In turn, each treatment session can help stimulate cellular repair within your body, while increasing circulation of blood to the treatment area, making sure your cells receive the oxygen and nutrients they need in order to function optimally. Plus, the treatment can stimulate a greater immune response at the treatment zone, speeding up recovery times if you’ve sustained an injury. 

At the same time, laser treatments can reduce both pain and inflammation, helping you walk and run more comfortably. As such, if you have been suffering in pain, scheduling a course of treatment now could mean the difference between enjoying all your favorite spring pastimes or spending the season stuck on the couch! 

Laser Therapy for Feet: Conditions we Can Target 

Now, not every painful condition will best be treated by our MLS laser. And, when you come into the office, Dr. Devin Dimond and Dr. Evan Merrill will conduct a thorough exam in order to determine your best treatment option. However, from experience, there are two conditions that respond very well to laser therapy for feet: heel pain and nerve pain! 

MLS laser for heel pain

We recommend choosing MLS laser treatments to relieve heel pain caused by injuries to your soft tissue. For that reason, we find this treatment option to be particularly effective if your heel pain is the result of Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis or bursitis. (That’s a condition in which your bursa—small, water-filled sacs that cushion your joints—become inflamed due to excess stress or trauma.) 

Now, we always suggest coming into our podiatry practice in Medford OR as soon you notice any discomfort. However, even if you’ve been experiencing (and ignoring) your heel pain all winter long, it’s not too late to seek relief with laser therapy. You see, when it comes to other treatment options for heel pain, some may not be as effective if your condition has progressed, forcing you to seek more invasive procedures to find relief. 
However, when it comes to laser treatments, they both speed up the cellular repair process and, in cases when your cells have failed to self-repair, a few sessions with our MLS laser could even get the process to start up again. 

Why is that so critical if you’re dealing with injury-related heel pain? Often, injuries linger because your cells give up on ever repairing the initial damage, either due to stress or to another, underlying condition. So, if you want to boost your natural healing process and fix your feet for spring, choosing laser treatments could be the best way to jump start your body’s ability to heal itself. That way, you can finally say goodbye to tissue damage and inflammation, and get out to enjoy the best that this season has to offer. 

Treating nerve pain with the MLS laser

In addition to addressing your heel pain, you may choose laser therapy for feet with certain causes of nerve pain. In many cases, treating your feet with our MLS laser can help provide pain relief by blocking the pain signals sent out by the nerves in the treatment area. Additionally, treatment with the laser may even help repair damaged nerves, so that while you’re blocking the pain signals they send out, you’re also helping resolve the underlying issue that caused them to shoot out those signals. 

How does one laser do all that work? Basically, when we target a problem area with the MLS laser system, the wavelengths creates a disruption in your body. And, while that sounds like a problem, it actually results in increased blood flow to your feet, which may also protect your future nerve health, even if you’re dealing with other conditions such as diabetes or peripheral arterial disease. 

Now, it’s important to remember that the increased blood flow is a temporary effect of treatment, so we can’t cure PAD simply by providing you with laser therapy. Still, during the time period following your treatment session, the increase in blood flow could help your body create new capillaries. In turn, the nerve cells in the treatment area could benefit from increased nutrients and growth factors, helping boost their health and possibly preventing pain or relieving existing discomfort by slowing or stopping degradation in the nerves. 

Laser Therapy for Feet: How Long will Healing Take? 

When you choose to undergo laser therapy with our podiatrists in Medford, each treatment session will last about 15 minutes. Now, many patients report that they feel better after just one laser treatment. And the majority of patients will notice marked improvements in their comfort after completing three MLS laser treatments. 

Still, in order to experience complete healing, you will likely need to undergo between 6 and 12 treatment sessions. Typically, we will space those treatments apart by several weeks, meaning it could take a few months to complete the full course of your laser therapy for feet. The exact number of sessions you’ll require, and the spacing between each treatment application, will depend on the nature and severity of your unique condition.  

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