Do you want to show off some pretty summer feet this year? Are you tired of hiding your fungal toenail while everyone else wears sandals? Or do your sore feet just slow you down and keep you from all the outdoor summer fun in Medford?  Well, now that summer is officially here, it’s time to switch up the way you care for your feet. Because, if you don’t? Existing problems may combine with the weather and all the outdoor fun can take a toll on your feet. Want to make sure that doesn’t happen? Just follow this guide to summer foot care, courtesy of your podiatrists in Medford, OR.  

Why Summer Feet Need Different Care

Here in Southern Oregon, the year round climate means we can keep our feet—and toes—under wraps for long stretches of time. But, come July and August, most of us are ready to bust out some sandals and give our summer feet their time in the limelight. 

Of course, before that can happen, we have to take care of any problems we ignored all winter. Did ingrown toenails make it too painful to wear your favorite shoes all winter? Come in now for treatment and, in just a short period of time, you’ll put all that pain and swelling in the past. Been dealing with an unsightly fungal toenail? Let’s start treatment now, so you can enjoy your summer without hiding the thick, yellow or crumbling nail.   

Did you start off the season with summer feet that already look their best? Let’s make sure they stay that way! First, let’s talk shoes: when you switch from sneakers to sandals, that leaves your nails vulnerable to injuries.  Plus, these shoes are also less supportive. And that means you’ll have to limit your time in flat sandals or flip-flops. Otherwise, heel pain could start ruining your summer fun.   

Finally, let’s make sure your summer feet don’t end up with a case of athlete’s foot. To stay safe, always cover your feet at the pool, the beach, or anywhere you’re walking. Otherwise, wet surfaces could combine with many people’s feet to increase your risk of fungal infections. 
Now that you know the bad news of what could ruin summer for your feet, let’s get  to the good news: we’re got tips to keep them safe! Check out our guide to preventing pain and injury and maintaining the health and appearance of your skin and nails—they’re here to give you your best summer feet ever. 

1. Keep Summer Feet Clean bare feet at the beach

Summer heat means sweaty feet, and that’s why hygiene is more important than ever this season. Set a goal to wash your feet every day (or every other day, if you’re crunched for time.) Using soap and warm water, gently was your whole foot, including the spaces between toes. Once you’re done, allow feet to dry completely before putting on your socks or shoes. Be sure to use a clean towel between your toes, since they take longer to dry on their own, and are a favorite breeding grown for fungal infections. 

2. Smooth out Summer Feet with Exfoliation

Want to keep your feet soft and smooth? While you’re cleaning your feet off, you can also gently exfoliate them, helping prevent dead skin cells from building up. But don’t try to get rid of corns or calluses on your own. These rough spots on your feet form due to pressure, so the only way to get rid of them for good is to correct the forces that caused them to develop in the first place. And that has to happen in our podiatry practice in Medford, OR.  

3. Grab Some Moisturizer, Too

While you may be spending your long summer days in the water, the delicate skin on your feet could still be drying out, leaving you vulnerable to cracked skin, especially around your heels and on the soles of your feet. For that reason, you have to stick to daily moisturizing, even in the summer. Or, if your feet are already dry, you may want to moisturize twice a day—that’s something we’re happy to help you figure out, if you’re not sure what’s best.  

4. Check for Changes in the Shape of your Summer Feet

We see much more of our feet in summer, so now’s the time to make sure trouble isn’t brewing. Take a close look at the backs of your heels, or the spots beneath your big toe joints. If you see even a small bump forming, that could be the sign of a developing heel spur or bunion. And that means it’s time to come into the office, so we can begin treatment before small problems become large ones! 

5. Make Sure Your Pedicure is a Safe One

Before you head to the spa or salon to pretty up your summer feet, we have to review the rules of pedicure safety. You see, nail salons could leave your feet with nasty infections, unless the owners take proper hygiene precautions. 

First, lets talk about the bowl they give you to soak your feet before the pedicure begins. Unless it’s  lined with disposable plastic, you should skip this step of the pedicure—otherwise, you’ll expose yourself to all the foot germs from the previous customer. 

Then, once your pedicure begins, make sure your technician leaves your cuticles in place—at most, they can be gently pushed down, but never removed. Finally, instead of clipping your nails with a scissor, ask to have them filed into a square shape. This will help reduce your risk for an ingrown toenail following your summer pedicure. 

Want to make sure you avoid all pedicure problems? Just do it for yourself, in the comfort and safety of your own home.  As an added bonus, you can select a non-toxic and nourishing polish brand—we love the Dr.’s REMEDY line—so that you can boost your nail strength while getting those pretty summer feet. 

Need more support with summer foot care in Southern Oregon? Give us a call—we haven’t gone away for the season! If you’re experiencing foot pain, changes in the appearance of your nails, or any concerns with your summer feet, don’t wait until September to tackle the issue. Instead, make an immediate appointment in our Medford office. When you come in, we’ll make get your summer feet back in tip-top shape!    


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