bunion laser therapyIf bunion surgery is a consideration, it very likely means that other options just haven’t provided the relief you need. Depending on your specific needs, the severity of the bunion, and your medical history, one of many different types of surgical procedures will be recommended. In every case, however, there will always be one goal: having as fast and as comfortable a bunion surgery recovery as possible. Nobody like to be laid up recovering from a surgical procedure. It doesn’t matter how many Netflix shows you have on your backlog; having to sit and manage post-operative pain and swelling can become tedious to bear over time. When we perform surgery for a bunion (or any other surgical procedure, for that matter), our care does not stop once it’s over. Proper care provides for a patient before, during, and after the procedure! Once your bunion surgery is complete, we will provide you full guidelines for recovery. Following them well will aid you in being more comfortable and avoiding any complications as you heal. We also offer an advanced treatment that further encourages the body’s own natural healing properties: MLS Laser Therapy.

Yes, A Laser Can Make You More Comfortable

Multiwave Locked System (MLS) Laser Therapy is a method of treating soft tissue injuries. Although it’s not typically thought of as such, surgery is a controlled form of injury—just one made with the purpose of overall better results. MLS Laser Therapy can be just as effective when it comes to recovering from a surgical procedure as it is in treating a naturally occurring injury. One of the primary benefits of MLS Laser Therapy is that it works by enhancing the body’s own healing process, all without the use of drugs or other external items other than light. During a treatment session, specific wavelengths of light energy are aimed at the site of the surgery. This encourages several beneficial effects:
  • It enhances cell metabolism. In other words, cells at the site of the surgery will begin operating faster and more efficiently.
  • It increases cell recovery and growth. Among the increased activities of activated cells will be conducting self-repair and growing new cells.
  • It increases circulation to the area. Our blood supplies cells with oxygen and nutrients they need to conduct their repairs. It’s like providing a construction site more building materials and a free lunch buffet!
In addition to enhancing repair, MLS Laser Therapy can also be highly effective at reducing pain and inflammation. The treatment can block pain signals being transmitted by nerves. At the same time, the increased circulation to the area can help carry excess fluid from the site, reducing swelling.  

What is Laser Therapy Like?

Laser therapy is divided into a number of sessions scheduled out over several weeks. Each session lasts only about 10-20 minutes. The session is also painless. The laser does not exist at an intensity to burn through materials as if it was in a spy movie. Some patients report feeling increased warmth in the area during the procedure, but that’s about it. Many patients report feeling some pain relief following the very first session, while others might take one or two additional treatments. The tangible benefits of each session stack, so increased relief tends to be felt after each successive treatment.

Exploring Your Options for Recovery

MLS Laser Therapy is not the only option to help aid recovery following bunion surgery. Other forms of therapy exist, and may be used instead of or in addition to laser. These options might include physical therapy to regain and maintain strength in the toe and foot, helping a realigned joint keep its shape and avoid drifting once again. Custom orthotics might also be prescribed to offload excess stress from the area of the former bunion, providing it both a better opportunity to heal and prevent complications in the future. The best course of action for your post-surgery recovery will depend on a number of different factors. We will discuss all of your options with you fully before the surgery to ensure we have a plan that best fits your needs and lifestyle. (We might even throw in a few Netflix recommendations, but we tend not to have time for a ton of binge watching!)

The Treatment You Need for Your Bunion

No matter how long you have had a bunion, there is often plenty that can be done to help you manage your condition and find relief from irritation and pain. The main goal of bunion treatment, even over correcting the shape of the joint, is finding comfort from symptoms. Remember that surgery is only considered if and when more conservative forms of treatment and management have failed to yield needed results. Even in the uncommon event that surgery is needed, the goal remains the same: bring relief in the best way possible. MLS Laser Therapy is a part of achieving that goal for our patients, as are the other methods we employ in our practice. Don’t delay any longer on finding the bunion help you deserve. Call our Medford office at (541) 776-3338 and we will be happy to schedule an appointment with you. If you prefer contacting us electronically, you may also fill out our online form and a member of our staff will reach out to you.
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