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Your Podiatrist for Bunion Treatment in Medford

Have you dealt with a bunion for years, trying to make accommodations to limit the discomfort of an increasingly growing problem? Or maybe you believe you might have a bunion in its early stages and wonder what you should do about it.

In either case, you do have options. Medford podiatrists Evan Merrill and Adam Gerber of Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle help many patients with bunions and other toe deformities manage or outright eliminate their discomfort.

But I Have Had My Bunion for Years!

While it is true that more can be done to prevent the progression of a bunion when it is discovered and treated early, that does not mean nothing can be done to improve the life of someone who has had a bunion for years or even decades.

Sometimes bunions have a stigma as something someone who has one “deserves” thanks to a life of poor shoe choices or some other such behavior. First, actually getting a bunion is thought to be more of a hereditary issue (certain shoes can just make them worse). Second, that’s a terrible way to think about the comfort of anyone—including yourself! Pain is not normal, and nobody “deserves” it.

There is always a treatment or a change that can be made to help someone better manage or relieve their bunion pain or discomfort.


But I Don’t Want Bunion Surgery!

Bunion surgery is not the answer to every case of bunion treatment. In fact, a conservative approach is preferred whenever possible.

Changes in footwear, strengthening exercises, splints, custom orthotics, and other forms of treatment can have a significant impact on slowing down or preventing further progression of a bunion in its early stages. Even in cases when a bunion has made significant progress, such changes can have a real influence on daily comfort and pain relief.

There are certain cases when bunion surgery will be a necessity. Either conservative methods will not provide as much relief as needed, or it is clear that conservative methods will be insufficient. When surgery becomes a consideration, we fully discuss the options with our patient, including what would happen before, during, and after an operation, to ensure they make their best-informed decision on how to move forward.

In other words, we do not force anyone to undergo bunion surgery, and we make sure any patient who may choose surgery knows everything they need to before making a choice.

Find Bunion Relief with Your Medford Podiatrists

Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle provides expert care for a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions. Whether you are suffering from bunions, hammertoes, sports injuries, fungal nails, or many other maladies, we will be happy to schedule an appointment with you.

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