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Do I need surgery for heel pain?

Heel pain is the most common condition affecting the feet and rarely requires surgery. Most soreness in the heel will usually improve with rest and the proper conservative treatments. These methods may include medications, the use of orthotics, and physical therapy. If all non-surgical options fail, however, and pain persists for a more than 12 months, then a surgical procedure may be considered.

Surgical options will depend on the source of the problem. In the case of plantar fasciitis, the calf may be surgically lengthened to decrease stress on the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia itself may also be partially or fully cut to relieve tension.

Most patients recover well from heel surgery. Some procedures come with slight risks of nerve damage or incomplete pain relief, which is why they often serve only as a last resort.

If you suffer from pain in one or both heels, let Dr. Evan Merrill and the staff of Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle, L.L.C. help you determine your full range of options for finding relief. Call our office at (541) 776-3338 or use our online form to arrange an appointment.