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Marathon Race Day Tips

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Dr. Merrill just ran the St. George Marathon earlier this month on October 4. This was his 10th marathon, and if he were writing this he would say you are never too old to start running or to run a marathon! So, whether you are a seasoned runner or this is your first race here are some race day tips for your marathon, or any race for that matter.

1. Start out slow: It can be so easy to run at full speed right at the beginning of the race, but it is important to pace yourself. Running too fast will burn all your energy in the beginning and by the middle of your race you will start to loose a lot of steam. Start out slow and pace yourself throughout the race so when you get to the end you will have some extra energy to push yourself harder to the finish line.

2. Stay Hydrated: It might be tempting to run past all the water stations or to run while trying to drink, but it is so important to keep your body hydrated during your race. Try and speed walk through the water stations so you are sill moving quickly but are actually able to drink a cup of water. Also, be sure to hydrate well several days leading up to your race.

3. Bathroom Breaks: Make sure to go to the bathroom before the race begins and if you need to go during the race, try and wait until the aid stations towards the end of the race. The lines for bathrooms usually are longer at the aid stations at the beginning of a race.

4. High-Carb Breakfast: A few hours before the race fuel up on good carbs such as bagels, oatmeal, bars, and some fruit. Don’t over eat, but make sure you eat enough to keep you going.

5. Most importantly…have fun! Remember that you have trained hard for your race, and though it is going to be a lot of hard work, and there will be moments when you might feel you want to give up, put a smile on and keep pushing forward. You will be glad you did when you reach that finish line.

Being an avid runner himself, Dr. Evan Merrill is always up to date on how to help with different running aches and pains. If you are a runner who is suffering from foot pain make sure to contact our office at Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle LLC. If you need to schedule an appointment just call 541-776-3338 or make an appointment online.

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