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Causes, Symptoms and Treatments of Plantar Fasciitis

www.sofootankle.com Plantar fasciitis is a problem where the major ligament that runs from the heel to the ball of the foot is injured. It is a big broad ligament that is a supporting device, but it also protects the bottom of the foot. It becomes injured because of overuse. Sometimes runners get it because they are pounding on their feet so much. Sometimes people who are on their feet a lot or do an exercise program and they injure their feet that way. What happens is that the plantar fascia becomes torn or inflamed.

The treatment usually includes custom molded arch supports or orthotics. Sometimes I give an injection for pain. Oral medication can be used as well as icing, physical therapy, and staying off the feet and resting. Usually you feel it at the bottom of the heel. The most common symptom I see is a person steps down on their foot first thing in the morning and they get a pain right in the bottom of their heel. Or, if they sit for five or ten minutes while they are at work and they go to get up, they have pain right away when they stand up. The pain can go away or can feel better during the day but can come back the more time you are on your feet. The tendon can be tight, and it is good to loosen it up. It’s actually not a tendon but a ligament, and that ligament can be tight. As you walk it can stretch a bit and loosen up, but what it needs is that inflammation needs to go away. And it needs to be better supported and the stretching and pulling needs to rest.