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What Happens When an Achilles Tendon Tears?

www.sofootankle.com The Achilles tendon attaches to the back of the heel, and it’s a major tendon in the foot and leg. Its main function is to propel the foot forward and to flex the foot down. It can become painful in different ways. It can be painful right at where it asserts under the bone or attaches to the bone. The tendon can partly tear there or there can be pressure from the shoe in that spot. The tendon can also tear or become swollen higher up or in the mid portion of the tendon. Sometimes it can be painful up further in the calf where the muscle turns into the tendon. You can have a tear in the tendon; you can have inflammation of the tendon where it becomes swollen and painful.

A torn Achilles tendon (a complete rupture) usually needs to be surgically repaired. You can’t walk without an Achilles tendon that’s functioning. When it’s torn, for example, an athlete can’t run or walk or do anything with that. Usually it needs to be surgically repaired so they can get back to their sport; but the Achilles tendon takes a long time to heal because it’s not very vascular and doesn’t get much blood supply. It needs that time to heal and to strengthen.