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Do You Have a Stress Fracture from Running?

www.sofootankle.com The stress fracture is actually a broken bone. People will say, “I don’t have a broken bone. I have a stress fracture.” But it’s the same thing. Usually a stress fracture is caused, obviously, by extra stress on the bone. That can be from running, from overuse, or when the heel hits down multiple times. Runners will get stress fractures from all the running that they do and the pounding of their feet. What happens is you get a little crack in the bone and that begins to hurt. You get swelling and pain right on that area where the bone is injured, and it becomes more and more painful the more you’re on it. When you get off of it, it feels better versus a tendonitis which is painful when you first step on it and then loosens up over time. The stress fracture will continue to hurt more and more—the more you’re on it.