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Why Are Custom Foot Orthotics Better than Over-the-Counter Orthotics?

www.sofootankle.com Foot orthotics help to balance the foot better. They help to deliver the weight more evenly across the whole bottom of the foot. They can help with certain deformities and try to balance the foot and keep it in a better position so there is less pain. They help immensely with plantar fasciitis to help to take the stretch off of the plantar fascia so it is not pulling as much, also to help to get it to a better position.

There are different orthotics. We actually don’t call the store ones orthotics, which is a common term used for arch supports. There are certain insoles and arch supports that you can buy over-the-counter. They can be very useful as a beginning to help support the arch and to get the pressure off of the heel and distribute the weight more evenly. When those don’t work, or for certain deformities, a custom molded orthotic, which is pretty much a prescription device for the foot,  is used to help create more support and to help balance the foot much better than an over-the-counter one would. Sometimes, an over-the-counter one doesn’t fit the person’s foot type and doesn’t fit the arch because you can’t create an over-the-counter orthotic or insert that has multiple arch heights that is going to fit everyone. So a custom molded orthotic is needed at times.