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The Process: Toenail Removal and Regrowth

www.sofootankle.comTo take a toenail off, it is a scary process. People’s feet are tender so they’re worried about having an injection in their foot. There are many things a podiatrist can do to minimize that pain, but you have to get the toe numb. I tell people all the time, “I’m not going to give you a shot in the tip of the toe. The shot is more at the base of the toe,” so they’re not as scared about that. There’s some things we do like a cold spray on the skin, which helps to freeze the surface of the skin so that there’s less pain with the poke of the needle. You have to be able to get the toe numb to be able to do the procedure.

Now, with the nail growing back, the nail matrix (or the root of the nail) down at the base of the nail (the whitish part where you see the base of your fingernails or toenails), that’s where the toenail grows back. Those cells produce the hard keratin (nail substance) that you see growing out. A nail will grow from the base of the nail and slowly build up and grow out. It will be thinner at the leading edge, but it will be thicker as it grows out over time. It stays attached to the nail bed as it pushes its way out. It doesn’t grow straight up; it’ll grow out as long as it stays attached to the nail bed.