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Get a Peek Into What’s Happening at Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle.

There are a lot of exciting things happening at Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle. From our involvement in the Pear Blossom Run to free foot health screenings, and other community health initiatives, we keep you informed about the latest happenings in and around Southern Oregon.

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  • Treating the Sole Do your children have foot or heel pain? Dr's Merrill & Gerber recommend not ignoring it. If you suffer from bunions, you may find relief with surgery.
  • Sore Feet Leave You Flat As a marathon runner, Dr. Evan Merrill from Southern Oregon Foot and Ankle in Medford knows about foot pain from personal experience.
  • Getting Back on Your Feet Evan Merrill, a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine in Medford and a marathon runner, knows firsthand about the pain plantar fasciitis causes.