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When to Contact a Podiatrist

Though our feet work tirelessly day in and day out, it is uncommon for us to give them the care and treatment that they deserve. The feet are often referred to as the mirror for the body, this means that the feet often show symptoms of illness and disease first. Once you are experiencing pain or discomfort, it’s time to call Dr. Evan Merrill and find relief today.

There are many signs and symptoms that are indicative of necessary podiatric diagnostics:

  • Back pain – Though it may seem counterintuitive, back pain that has not occurred as a result of trauma is often caused by foot problems. Without proper treatment, such symptoms can progress and further deform the foot.

  • Bunions – this involves a deformation near the big toe joint. If left untreated, this condition can become severe and begin to affect posture

  • Flat Feet – when the tendons within the feet are damaged, the flattened arch can cause to a lot of pain. Without treatment, arthritis may result.

  • Gout – Gout can be identified by a difference in the color of the affected area or stiff joints. Dr. Merrill can help you get rid of this painful condition.

  • Hammertoes – Pain and sores are often caused by the effects of hammertoe.

  • Moles – Changes in the look or feel of moles on the feet can be indicative of aggressive melanoma.

  • Open Sores – For many foot sores, over-the-counter drugs and antibiotics won’t treat the wounds efficiently. Without proper care, infection can spread rapidly.

Skin and nail problems

Many symptoms of foot conditions are subtle at first and require a professional in order to differentiate them. Any change in the nature of the skin or nails needs to be addressed by Dr. Merrill immediately to discern the possible implications. Signs of more severe issues with the skin often include scaling, cracking, and bleeding. Nails can often become discolored or develop a rough texture. These symptoms can be indicative of fungal infections that are particularly difficult to treat without prescription medications.


A bacterial infection can be particularly dangerous to patients with weak immune systems. Pain caused by bacterial infections is generally affected by over-the-counter pain relief medications like Ibuprofen. Infection can be identified by an increase in pain, swelling, and tenderness of the area. The worst attribute of these infections is their capability to easily spread from one area to another. Many minor nail infections can proliferate throughout the entire foot, unless proper treatment is administered.


Many foot conditions found in children can develop into debilitating problems later in life. Early action in these cases is critical to the success of treatment. If your child is walking or running differently than other kids their age, they may be suffering from out-toeing or in-toeing. Complaints of pain by your son or daughter should result in a call to our office to diagnose the severity of their pain. Other children may try to hide pain from their parents. It’s important to take note of a child’s walking habits and changes in activity level to discover what they may not be telling you. This provides the information necessary for Dr. Merrill to help treat their condition.

The professional staff at our Medford office looks forward to bringing you pain relief today. Don’t let your foot conditions get worse before we can make them better. Call our office at 541.776.3338, or schedule an appointment online.