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Yes, You Can Run With Flat Feet

runnerFor years, people with flat feet have looked at runners with longing. They wished they could participate in this sport. They felt jealous when they heard of how much their friends loved it. Yet, they never felt confident enough to go for a jog because of the heightened risk of injury.

Sound familiar?

Dr. Evan Merrill is giving people with flat feet permission to run again. But first, there are a few words of warning that must be headed before that first jog.

Tips for Running Injury Free With Flat Feet

Flat feet make it easier for you to over pronate, which can cause your foot to turn inwards with each step. Over time, this can cause serious injury if you’re not careful. You might experience shin splints, sprained ankles, or other running injuries.

To help you stay safe and love the sport of running, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Get the right shoes. Your feet require a little extra stability with each step. Now there are shoes that can give that stability to you. Dr. Evan Merrill and his team can help you find the right pair to keep your feet protected.

  • Stay on the pavement. Trail running is probably not the best option for you. Stay on the pavement and on flat surfaces to avoid spraining an ankle on a rock or uneven ground.

  • Strengthen your feet. When you’re not running, you can still help your feet get stronger. Sit in a chair with your leg out and a towel wrapped around the bottom of your foot. Then, pull the towel toward you and release. Repeat this stretch 10 times slowly.

With these tips, you’ll minimize your risk of an injury and start loving the fun sport of running again.

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