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Putting a Stop to Sever’s Disease in Your Active Child

kids playing soccerYou love to watch your child running happily on the playground, in the game, and with his or her friends. But what happens when something goes wrong and your child gets hurt? That’s a thought that devastates almost every loving parent.

Still, children get hurt. It’s a part of growing up. One common injury that children complain about is heel pain. If your child has stopped loving his favorite sport because of this kind of pain, Sever’s disease might be to blame.

What Is Sever’s Disease?

Sever’s disease is not actually a “disease” but rather a foot injury that can occur on one or both feet. It’s caused by overuse of the heel bone.

Your child’s body is still developing. When the repetitive motion of running, jumping, hopping off the jungle gym, and enjoying recess with his friends becomes too much, it strains and inflames the muscles in his feet. In some cases, obesity and biomechanical issues might also cause Sever’s disease.

Prevention Tips for This Common Children’s Foot Condition

No matter how hard you try to stop them, injuries happen. Still, there are a few things you can do as a parent to reduce the chances of your child developing Sever’s disease and other common foot injuries.

First, make sure your child has the right shoes. Children’s feet need extra support. Wearing orthotics and custom made shoes will help your child run around with healthier feet.

Stretching is another easy way to prevent Sever’s disease. Here are a few stretching tips to ensure you’re doing this the right way:

  • Make a game out of stretching with your child after every sport or every extended playground session. Stretch the bottom of the foot, the calf muscles, and the hamstrings.

  • Spend only 20 seconds on each stretch. That’ll fit the attention span of your child and avoid causing further damage to your child’s foot from overextension.

  • Use a bungee cord to make the stretches more fun and more effective. Talk to Dr. Evan Merill about how to do this effectively.

With just a little bit of extra TLC after extended sessions on the playground, you can take a few extra precautions to ensure your child remains as pain and injury free as possible.

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