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How Shoes Benefit Your Feet

The Guinness Book of World Records states that American Jordy Geller owns a whopping 2,388 sets of sports-type footwear. Whether you’re a shoe fanatic or you dread shopping for just the right pair, foot health is directly impacted by the choices that you make.

Visiting a shoe store can be overwhelming. The options are endless: styles, colors, soles, slip-ons, lace-ups, pointy, rounded, and squared toes. Knowing what to look for will help put things into perspective. For instance, simply inspecting the soles of your shoes will give you one piece of the puzzle. Wear patterns indicate if your ankles tend to roll inwardly (over-pronation) or outwardly (supination). Along with this, check out your footprint, which will reveal if you have a flat, neutral, or high arch.

How will this information help?

Different shoes offer varying degrees of support, motion control/stability, and shock absorption. The shape of your foot should be a good match for the anatomy of the shoe that you are selecting. Finding the proper fit will reduce the likelihood of foot and ankle pain.

Two of the most important things to remember are to shop late in the afternoon and to have your feet measured regularly. Many common foot conditions are the result of shoes that are too small. Runners should always buy shoes that are at least a half size larger than normal to accommodate for movement of the feet during impact with the pavement. Dr. Merrill runs and understands the foot needs that come with this sport.

Don’t ignore foot and ankle pain caused by improper footwear. Make it a thing of the past! Once the source of your pain is diagnosed by Dr. Merrill, a treatment plan will be designed especially for your foot health needs. In some cases, orthotics, corrective or prescriptive shoes may be necessary. However, simply understanding your foot structure and what to look for in a shoe will often assist you in finding shoes that make your feet happy. Whether you’re shopping for men’s, women’s, or children’s shoes, fit and comfort should be the top priorities.

Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle, LLC is conveniently located in Medford, OR. Dr. Merrill and his staff of professionals are ready to assist you with all of your foot health needs. Call today to schedule an appointment, or request one online.