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Informative Articles & the Latest Offers & Events From Our Podiatrists

When it comes to your feet and ankles, you want as much information as possible so that you can help speed your own recovery. Learn more in these articles by our podiatrists about common foot and ankle injuries that we treat as well as the latest events and products featured at Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle.

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  • Buying New Shoes Dr. Evan Merrill looks at both how shoes can be used to identify issues and why you don’t have to worry about having limited footwear choices.
  • How Shoes Benefit Your Feet Different shoes offer varying degrees of support, motion control/stability, and shock absorption. We have provided important information on the shoes you need.
  • Benefits of Custom Orthotics Orthotics provide a number of benefits and are used to stabilize, support, cushion your feet, and prevent them from stepping incorrectly while relieving pain.