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Medical Care

At Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle, LLC we use a variety of diagnostic procedures and treatment methods to meet all of our patients’ foot care needs. We believe that educating the public on the methods and reasoning behind their podiatric care will lead to the best results. Dr. Evan Merrill and his professional staff are also constantly educating themselves in the newest innovations and treatments.

Diagnosing your condition

Dr. Merrill has extensive training and experience in foot care, he can easily diagnose many conditions with a simple exam. However, certain diagnostic tools are sometimes needed to confirm findings. CT Scans and MRI can give an in depth analysis of the current condition of soft tissues and bones. The images generated by these procedures are especially useful in finding damage to the body that is not visible from a physical exam. When viewing the extent of a condition within the bones, X-rays are often utilized. The images gained from X-rays can help podiatrists in planning reconstructive surgery and diagnosing the extent of conditions like fractures. Ultrasound is also commonly employed to gain a visual perspective on the tissues within the body. One of the biggest perks of ultrasound is that it doesn’t use radioactive waves to generate images like other diagnostic tests. Dr. Merrill understands the benefits and drawbacks with each type of test, and will be able to choose the method best suited to your medical care needs.

Conservative Treatment Methods

One of the first steps in foot treatment is dealing with the pains associated with your condition. Pain management for specific conditions can vary greatly, so it is necessary to seek advice from our medical staff before attempting to treat yourself. Additionally, we have many general tips for common foot conditions that can be useful before and after your appointment.

Many patients find that their feet have become deformed over years of gradual change due to improper gait, shoe wear or hereditary defects. Many of these cases can be corrected through the use of orthotics. Orthotic devices are commonly used to reduce weight-bearing on a specific part of the foot or to realign foot and ankle bones. The employment of certain therapies is also recommended as a way to correct foot conditions. Therapies work to loosen specific tendons, tissues, and muscles. Once the tissues are relaxed and the foot maintains a proper position, it is able to return to normal state.

Surgical Treatments

In more severe cases, surgical procedures will be necessary to treat foot problems. As surgery is often invasive and recovery can take a very long time, it is usually a last resort. Based on your age, lifestyle, and medical history, Dr. Merrill can help you decide if a surgical method is best suited to your individual needs.

Here are some common surgical procedures:

  • Achilles Surgery

  • Ankle Surgery

  • Arthritis Surgery

  • Arthroscopy

  • Bunion Surgery

  • Cyst Removal

  • Flatfoot Correction

  • Heel Surgery

  • Toe Surgery

  • Metatarsal Surgery

  • Neuroma Surgery

  • Hammertoe Surgery

Our office is dedicated to patient comfort, care, and education. If you have any questions on medical care procedures and treatments, call our Medford office at 541-776-3338 and speak to our professional staff, or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Evan Merrill or Dr. Adam Gerber.