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Fungus Problems

Understanding your foot problem, where it came from, and how to get rid of it is necessary for any proper treatment plan. This is especially true in patients with fungal conditions. As these infections are well known for being extremely difficult to get rid of, medical help is almost always necessary. Our professional staff is dedicated to bringing you the best foot care in Medford and the southern Oregon region.

What are these foot conditions?

Fungal infections occur as bacteria that thrive in warm and moist areas invade the skin or nails of the feet. What makes these foot conditions difficult to treat is their location. The fungi grow in hard to reach areas like between the toes or beneath the nails themselves. Getting to the source of the problem with topical medications, or keeping the areas clean can prove to be problematic. Many patients develop these conditions when their feet are excessively sweaty. For instance, during the summer months when they participate in sports and outdoor activities.

What are the symptoms of fungus problems?

The most common symptoms of these foot conditions are the embarrassing sights and scents that they cause. Individuals are continuously reminded of their fungal problems by discolorations and changes in the tissues of their feet. Fungus affecting the nails will often make them brittle, and many patients will notice their nails turning yellow. As these problems spread to the skin, many people experience scaling and itching. In chronic cases, inflammation and blisters will appear. Medical treatment should be sought immediately as these conditions spread quite easily and can develop into much more severe disorders over time.

How did I acquire this foot infection?

Many people mistakenly believe that fungal infections are only acquired by walking barefoot in locker rooms or near swimming pools. While the warm and wet atmosphere in these locations promotes fungal growth, they are not the only places where such issues can develop. As these infections are contagious, many patients get such conditions from borrowing infected materials from other people. Avoid borrowing socks, shoes, gloves, and towels as well as nail files and clippers to avoid conditions such as athlete’s foot.

How are these fungal conditions treated?

As every case of a fungal problem is unique, a specific foot care program will be developed for each person with their particular needs in mind. Eradication of foot fungus typically involves the utilization of multiple methods of treatment. Many patients will need to use topical medications or toenail lacquers to stem the growth of the fungus. Nail lasers and oral medications have proven to be effective in aiding in the elimination of fungal problems. Many basic foot care guidelines used in the prevention of these disorders can also be helpful in the elimination of the conditions.

No one should have to walk through life with an embarrassing foot fungus. At Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle, LLC, we understand your need for a quick and effective solutions. To start on the road to recovery today, contact our Medford office at 541-776-3338, or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Evan Merrill.