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Foot Care

Prevention in foot care

Prevention is always a better route than treatment when it comes to foot problems. A foot self-exam can be performed in order to detect any changes in health. The more attention you pay to your feet the less likely you are to develop a debilitating foot condition. In many cases, properly fitting shoes can protect the feet from future problems. Our basic foot care guidelines are the perfect resource for any patient who wants to take an active role in the up-keep their foot health.


Everyone’s feet undergo different strains and pressures throughout the day. A patient’s unique age, career, or hobby can present certain challenges to their foot care. When caring for children’s feet in particular, it is necessary to understand which foot conditions are normal and which need podiatric care. Dr. Evan Merrill is trained to diagnose the subtle differences in conditions. Conversely, foot care for seniors requires constant attention. As the body ages, tendons can become loose and open the way for more severe foot complications.

Women walk three more miles than men per day on average. It’s no wonder that women’s feet are at a higher risk for many foot conditions. High-heels and pregnancy only compound the effects of these walking habits. Athletic foot care needs persistent attention as many sports inflict continuous high-impact shocks to the body. The damaging effect this can have on the feet is tremendous. Those patients who are on their feet for eight hours or more at a time often find their feet aching by the end of the day. They may develop foot conditions due to the slow degradation of tissues and bones in their feet and need to learn to care for their feet at work. As this process continues, the discomfort may become more severe.

Diabetes and foot care

Due to many vascular and nerve problems that come as a result of prolonged exposure to increased blood sugar, the diabetic foot is not able to heal as quickly. The patient suffers from a lack of sensation in the foot as well. This can be dangerous as wounds may develop unbeknownst to the patient. Without diabetic foot care, minor cuts and bruises may lead to amputations. In fact, 60% of all amputations in the U.S. are performed on diabetics.

What you can do for your feet

It can be quite difficult to gauge whether or not your feet are receiving the care they deserve. Using our self-assessment quiz may be helpful in determining whether or not you have a foot or ankle problem. If a condition is detected, our office should be contacted as soon as possible to achieve the most effective treatment.

When a foot or ankle problem is diagnosed, there are many subtle changes you can make to your lifestyle in order to alleviate pain. Proper nutrition for your feet can encourage healing and reduce damage to the body. In diabetics, this can be used to lower glucose levels and enliven nerve impulses. It is also important to maintain the health and care of the feet. When complications with the toes are discovered, regular exercise can be useful in re-strengthening and shaping the structure of the foot. This is particularly helpful in bunion and hammertoe cases.

Common foot care problems

There are many common foot problems that can be tended to with home remedies. Without proper treatment, even the most minor foot problems can develop into much more serious conditions.

  • Blisters Many are caused by friction and will go away with time and rest.

  • Burning Feet Alcohol abuse and diabetes are common causes for a burning sensation in the feet.

  • Corns and Calluses Corns and calluses are caused by irritation to the skin. Removing the source of irritation will often be enough to treat this condition.

  • Fungus ProblemsThis can come as result of a warm and moist environment fostering fungal growth. These conditions can be particularly difficult to treat

  • Ingrown NailsIngrown nails can be avoided by the proper care and treatment of the nails.

  • Foot Odor and Smelly Feet– The feet contain more sweat glands than any other part of the body. There are many treatments that can neutralize foot odor.

For any information on the correct care for your foot condition, call Dr. Merrill at 541-776-3338. You can schedule an appointment online with our Medford office and sustain great foot health.