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Dr. Helton Testimonial Letter


I have been a podiatrist in Medford for the past 40 years and have greatly enjoyed serving the community over that period.

Welcome Gentle Foot Care patients

We have an outstanding group of medical professionals in this valley. Over the years of my practice, I have been privileged to get to know the podiatrists of the Rogue Valley. I have known Dr. Evan Merrill for the past 17 years, from the time he first came to town.

Thinking of Dr. Merrill reminds me of a quote from the well-respected, beloved head of Internal Medicine at a hospital where I trained in Chicago. I was among a new crop of students eager to show off our knowledge of the science of medicine we had learned over the previous four years of medical school.

One day, when on rounds, one of the interns questioned the doctor about his treatment plan. The busy physician replied, "I am here to teach you the art of medicine, you already know the science." Well, Dr. Merrill excels at both the art and science of medicine.

I have often seen him at continuing medical education programs, keeping up with latest treatments. For many years Dr. Merrill and I have referred patients back and forth, and have covered each other’s practice when one of us was out of town. I have recognized that Dr. Merrill is excellent at diagnosing and treating the many foot ailments he sees each and every day. He is compassionate and has an excellent bedside manner. He is a fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons and is a Founding Fellow of the Academy of Physicians in Wound Healing. Dr. Evan Merrill is a respected colleague and friend. I highly recommend him for your foot care needs.

Take care,

Dr. Lawrence Helton