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Informative Articles & the Latest Offers & Events From Our Podiatrists

When it comes to your feet and ankles, you want as much information as possible so that you can help speed your own recovery. Learn more in these articles by our podiatrists about common foot and ankle injuries that we treat as well as the latest events and products featured at Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle.

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  • Ankle Fractures Dr. Evan Merrill or Dr. Adam Gerber walk you through everything you need to know about ankle fractures, including symptoms, treatment, and prevention.
  • How to rid of the pain of Gout Arthritis A gout attack can make for an agonizing night of pain, and that’s just the beginning! Dr. Evan Merrill of Medford, OR explains this arthritic condition.
  • Capsulitis and Toe Joint Pain Capsulitis of the second toe causes pain in the joint of the toe. Early treatment and stabilizing the joint is the best action you can take to stop the pain.
  • Bunion Prevention Bunions are painful ailment that can be avoided. Here you will find important information on conservative treatment and prevention of this condition
  • Beat Osteoporosis with Nutrition Beating Osteoporosis with Healthy Nutrition