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Will nail fungus return after treatment?

After all the care and effort that patients put into recovering from fungal nails, one of the worst things that can happen is the recurrence of the condition. While many individuals suffer from the return of this embarrassing problem, there are many steps that you can take to avoid it.

As nail fungus is resolved by the growth of new nail tissue, keeping the area dry, clean, and treated should be a priority for 6-12 months following an initial exam. Our office also has many recommendations for socks and footwear that will aid in your recovery. These toe problems are difficult to fully eradicate and require vigilance in foot care to decrease the risk of its return.

Now that your nails are looking good again, our wonderful staff will help you keep your feet healthy. For information on nail fungus prevention, contact our Medford, OR office at 541-776-3338, or schedule an appointment with Dr. Evan Merrill online.