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Why is my toenail discolored?

If you notice that your toenails seem discolored, there are a couple of possible reasons. First, if the color is reddish or purple, it is likely the nail sustained some bruising and blood is pooling underneath it. If you see yellow, brown or grayish portions of the nail, then the problem is likely a fungal infection.

A fungus enters through a tiny space between your nail and the underlying nail bed on your toe. The infection often starts out as a small white or yellow spot and progresses from there. If left untreated, your nail can become thick, brittle, and deformed. A fungal infection does not go away on its own, so we encourage you to contact our office for treatment as soon as you notice any color changes in your nail. Topical or oral medications and laser therapy are the most common treatments for infected nail. Dr. Evan Merrill can find what works best for you. Call our office today at (541) 776-3338 or find more information online.