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Why does my toe hurt?

The sesamoid bones are tiny, pea-sized bones that are embedded in the tendon beneath the big toe joint. They provide a smooth surface so the toe moves easily and they alsohelp distribute weight across the ball of the foot. If you have toe pain that also radiates into the ball of the foot, it is possible you have an injury called sesamoiditis. The tissues surrounding these bones may have become irritated or inflamed or the bones may have even fractured. This can happen if you are a runner, dancer, baseball catcher, tennis player,or have increasedthe frequency and intensity of your activities too quickly.

Pain in your toe could also result from a bruise, an ingrown toenail, stubbing your toe, or a number of other conditions. Be proactive and find out the source of your discomfort so we can treat the problem accurately and get you back to living without pain. Call Dr. Evan Merrill at (541) 776-3338 or request an appointment online.