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What stretches are good for Achilles tendinitis?

Anyone can suffer from Achilles tendinitis, not just athletes. Your muscles can become tight from use throughout the day, and if they not stretched properly they can pull on the tendon and damage it.

A good stretch for the Achilles tendon involves extending your legs in front of you and then reaching for your toes. You can try doing a soleus muscle stretch by standing with hands against a wall and one leg out behind you. Lean forward against the wall until you feel a pull in your calf and ankle. If you do this stretch with a bend in your knee, you will stretch the gastrocnemius as well, which is excellent for staying limber and strong. When you do these stretches, make sure your muscles are warmed up first or you put yourself at risk of injury.

For more information about safe stretching call Dr. Evan Merrill at (541) 776-3338 to schedule an appointment in our Medford, OR office.