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What is a stone bruise?

The phrase “stone bruise” is sometimes used as a catch-all to describe specific, localized, acute pain on the bottom of the foot—it may feel as if you’ve stomped on a stone or sharp object. The underlying cause may in fact be that you landed on such an object. A forceful, blunt trauma, perhaps from running on hard or uneven surfaces, may bruise the bone or soft tissue structures and can make putting any weight on your foot very painful and difficult.

Other potential explanations might include metatarsalgia (if the ball of your foot hurts) or plantar fasciitis (if the pain is in your heel and feels worse in the morning when you take those first few steps).

If you feel pain in the bottom of your foot that feels like a deep stone bruise, rest and ice the affected area, then call Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle for an evaluation. We will evaluate your condition and, if necessary, work with you to develop a treatment and recovery plan right for your situation. Call us in Medford, OR at (541) 776-3338