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What is a congenital foot disorder?

The term “congenital” refers to diseases and deformities present at the time of birth. Clubfoot, tarsal coalition, and Charcot disease are just a few examples of these types of problems. Many of these disorders can be detected even before birth with the use of diagnostic procedures like ultrasound. Such imaging technologies give our doctors insight to the extent of the damage and allow us to prepare the best treatment possible. These bone deformations vary greatly in their symptoms, and individuals may feel very little or a great deal of pain. Nearly all congenital deformities will become worse with time as the bones mature and these conditions become more rigid or even permanent.

Many congenital disorders can be successfully treated with proper medical care, but they need to be diagnosed and attended to as early as possible. Contact our Medford office at (541) 776-3338 and benefit from our experience in these foot problems. Appointments can also be scheduled online with Dr. Evan Merrill.