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What causes an ankle sprain?

A sprained ankle is usually caused by trauma to the foot. This often involves the rolling, twisting or turning of the ankle in an unnatural way. Running or walking on an uneven surface may also lead to a sprain. Typically, the ankle rolls outward as the foot turns inward. Such action can stretch or tear the ankle’s ligaments. These ligaments are necessary to stabilize the joints of the foot and prevent involuntary movement.

The amount of damage to the ankle can vary. While some sprains may simply need icing and rest, more complicated cases might require surgery. If you have any question as to the severity of an ankle sprain, you can contact our office here. Dr. Evan Merrill and his expert staff will determine the best course of action for your injury. It’s important to seek treatment right away, because untreated sprains can lead to long-term joint weakness and pain.