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What are the most common conditions seen by a podiatrist?

There are a wide variety of foot conditions, and a few have become much more common than others. This is largely due to human nature, prolific microorganisms, and hereditary causes.

Some common foot conditions include:

Bunions – Bunions develop as the foot slowly becomes deformed due to poor foot mechanics and is worsened by pressure from shoes.

Corns and Calluses – These tend to develop as a result of friction between the foot and shoe.

Dry Skin – Dry skin occurs for many reasons and can be treated with moisturizers and mild soaps.

Fungal Infections – These are generally caused by excessive shoe wear. Damp socks and shoes that are not changed periodically create the perfect environment for the growth of fungi.

Hammertoe – As the tendons that control movement within the foot become shorter, the joint can stiffen and enlarge into a hammertoe.

Ingrown Toenails – The pain that comes with this common nail condition is caused by the toenail piercing the skin of the toe. This is most common in the big toe.

Spurs – Spurs are growths composed of calcium formed by a strain on foot muscles. Standing for long periods of time, improper footwear, and weight issues can cause spurs.

Warts –The result of a virus--podiatric assistance is usually required.