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What are the bones in my feet called?

Knowing about the different kinds of bones in the foot and how they interact to achieve motion is critical for recovering patients to understand what they’re going through. About one in four bones in the human body is located in the feet; each foot contains 26 of them. They are grouped into three different areas called the forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot. The forefoot is composed of the phalanges and metatarsals. They form the toes and aid in foot propulsion when walking and jumping. It is the midfoot that forms the arch of the foot with numerous tarsal bones. The hindfoot is comprised of a number of unique bones that form the heel; talus and calcaneus are able to support the body’s weight. In addition to this complex array of structures, the body utilizes a system of tendons, muscles, and ligaments for biomechanical processes. The feet also contain sesamoids which act as a “pulley system” for these tissues.

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