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What are some ingrown toenail causes?

Your toe is throbbing. Perhaps it's red and swollen near the edges. It could even be oozing a white liquid. Ingrown toenails are to blame for this irritation. They can develop rather quickly, even from routine activities.

The most common ingrown toenail causes include: wearing shoes that crowd your toenails, cutting your toenails too short and rounded on the edges, injuring your toenail by stubbing or dropping something on it, and having unusually curved toenails. If you want to avoid the problem, be sure to wear shoes that leave room for your toes, cut your nails straight across, and wear protective footwear when handling heavy objects.

Damage to your toes and toenails can affect your entire foot. If your toenail has become ingrown, contact Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle, L.L.C. in Medford, OR, today! Overgrowth may cause uncomfortable swelling, pain, and infection. Give us a call at (541) 776-3338 or contact us online. We'll help you find the relief you need!