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What are my treatment options for nail fungus?

Nail fungus can be a particularly stubborn foot condition to treat. Oral medications are commonly prescribed, but they may not be appropriate for people with other serious medical concerns due to side effects. Antifungal nail creams are largely ineffective at eradicating the fungus. However, these topical creams can be prescribed alongside oral medications for competent treatment. In mild cases of nail fungus, a physician can prescribe an anti-fungal nail polish. Laser therapy has shown to be very effective in nail fungus treatment. The laser irradiates the toenail, killing off the fungus without harm to the surrounding tissues. In rare cases, surgery to remove the nail may be suggested to alleviate pain immediately.

For information on the nail fungus treatments that we provide, call our office at 541-776-3338. You can also schedule an appointment onlinewith our office in Medford, OR.