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What are diabetic ulcers?

Diabetics often have decreased sensation in their feet due to the development of neuropathy and a reduced capacity for healing wounds. These two factors explain why ulcers in the feet are the leading cause of hospital visits for those with diabetes. An ulcer is an open wound that is caused by a break in the skin that doesn’t heal. The effects of diabetes can be further compounded by excessive pressure to the feet. Patients often find that these sores develop and fail to heal with the constant pressures that come with improper footwear. This foot condition is commonly denoted by inflammation of the afflicted area, a gradual increase in pain, and in some cases, pus and a bad odor.

Without proper treatment, diabetic ulcers can develop into more severe conditions and have been the precursors to many amputation cases. To get ahead of the pain and learn what you can do for your health, schedule an appointment online with Dr. Evan Merrill, or call our Medford, OR office at 541.776.3338.