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Southern Oregon Podiatrists Answer Your Top Questions About Foot and Ankle Pain

Stop questioning your foot and ankle pain. Start getting answers! Read our FAQ articles for tips from our Southern Oregon podiatrists to help you feel better and get healthy.

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  • What is arthroscopy used for?

    Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure used to perform surgical work in a minimally-invasive way to help minimize the internal tissue exposed during surgery. Other advantages to using minimally-invasive procedures include shorter recovery time, less scarring, and decreased length (if any) of hospital stays.

    In this procedure, a miniature camera is attached to surgical tools that allows your doctor to see the inside of your body—specifically, the area where the surgery is being performed—on an external monitor. This is possible with the use of fiber optics. We can use this technology to assess the severity of tissue damage and then correct or repair it.

    Depending on the nature of your injury or condition, we may use arthroscopy as part of our treatment plan. Of course, we won’t know if this will be beneficial for you or not until we see you here at our Medford, OR podiatrist office! Call Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle at (541) 776-3338 for additional information on the treatment services we provide, or to schedule an appointment with our friendly staff. You can also use our online form to contact us right now.

  • When is nerve surgery necessary?

    When a neuroma—a pinched nerve or nerve tumor—develops in your foot, it can be the source of pain and discomfort. How do you know if it is time to consider nerve surgery to address the issue?

    The answer to this depends at least somewhat on the severity of the condition. If we are able to manage the symptoms with the use of conservative care, surgery might not be necessary. A concern with a neuroma, though, is that the condition may progress and cause permanent damage over time. In such a case, we would recommend undergoing a surgical procedure to remove the affected nerve.

    If you are experiencing nerve pain or discomfort in your foot and would like to know if you are a candidate for nerve surgery, contact Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle L.L.C. and we can discuss your situation. Call us at (541) 776-3338 for additional information or schedule an appointment online today to come in and see Dr. Merrill at our Medford, OR office.