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How Can I Stay Fit as I Age?

Staying fit as you age is an important goal toward retaining strength, maintaining stability, and avoiding troublesome conditions. As opposed to previous ideas that exercise for seniors is not fully worth it, studies have found that older people respond quite well to strength and aerobic training.

Before starting any sort of program, it is always wisest to check with your doctor to ensure your plans are best for your individual needs. Common forms of fitness activity that tend to be recommended are low-impact activities such as jogging, swimming, cycling, or walking. These activities place a lower amount of force on the feet and ankles, helping to prevent unwanted injuries.

Set a reasonable goal for yourself and work slowly up toward it. There’s plenty of time, and you don’t want to set yourself back with an overuse injury such as a stress fracture or Achilles tendonitis. Lifting is also effective, but once again be careful and gradually build your strength under the recommendations of a doctor.

For help on determining the best senior foot care tips for you or a loved one, please call us at Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle: (541) 776-3338.