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Should I pop the blister on my foot?

Proper blister foot care is not particularly cut and dry. If you are wondering if you should pop blisters on your feet, the answer is “it depends.” Why? Well, there are some very important variables in the equation, such as diabetes.

Individuals who are living with diabetes should definitely not pop a blister. The risk of an infection that could lead to a serious complication is too great. If the area surrounding the blister is red, you may already have an infection. Please see Dr. Evan Merrill and have him take care of it for you immediately.

For other individuals, popping a blister is fine to do. Make sure that you sterilize a needle using either heat or rubbing alcohol, wash your hands and the area surrounding the blister carefully, and do not remove the excess skin. Pat the loose skin down against the sensitive tissue, apply an antibiotic cream or ointment, and cover with a bandage.

Should you need help with a troublesome blister on your foot, come see Dr. Evan Merrill at Southern Oregon Foot & Ankle, L.L.C. Call (541) 776-3338 or make an appointment online today!